Electronic versions of your Statement of Academic Record

Can I receive an electronic copy of my Statement of Academic Record?

Answer ID 92 | Last updated on 17/11/2022 12.52 PM

Students have the option to order a digital version of their UWA Statement of Academic Record (transcript) issued via My eQuals. Digital documents issued via My eQuals are securely stored and available to you anytime and anywhere, saving you time and money.

Once UWA has uploaded your requested document, you can use My eQuals to safely share your documents with anyone, at any time, for however long you like. When you share a document from the repository, the person you invite to view your document will receive an email directly from My eQuals (Digitary) and not from your student email account. This is how external organisations can know this is a legitimate document coming from the secure repository.

You still have the option to order a paper (hard copy) version of your Statement of Academic Record and other official academic documents.

Hard copy academic documents and records are printed on official UWA secure paper. In order to maintain the integrity of these documents, to verify that they are authentic, and to avoid fraudulent alterations they cannot be emailed. Once you have received a hard copy document, you can then scan your own copy as required. Authenticated soft-copy academic documents can be ordered and will be available via My eQuals.

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