My eQuals explained

What is My eQuals?

Answer ID 2924 | Last updated on 16/11/2022 02.39 PM

UWA is now issuing digital academic documents via My eQuals.

My eQuals is a secure, environmentally friendly, online alternative for issuing and accessing academic documents that protects your credentials and guarantees the authenticity of your documents.

My eQuals is a joint initiative between 46 participating universities in Australia and New Zealand to develop a shared platform for hosting and authenticating digital academic documents, giving students and graduates access to view and share their certified records anytime, anywhere in a secure online environment.

The University of Western Australia is one of the universities bringing digital award certificates (testamurs), academic records (transcripts) and AHEGS to their current students and future graduates. Read how My eQuals works for more details and information about what documents are available. 

Note: My eQuals supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or EDGE browsers (Internet Explorer 11 and older versions are not supported).

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