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  1. If you are from a charitable organisation or a volunteer you are eligible for a Parking Authority Permit. You can apply by filling out the Application for a Parking Authority Permit . The completed... Date Updated: 11/11/2020 11.58 AM
  2. Even without a formal investigation, some measures may be able to be put in place to ensure your safety on campus , such as a security escort. If you have lodged an incident report with UWA Security... Date Updated: 18/05/2020 12.43 PM
  3. Selection committees are made up of Rhodes Scholars and community leaders from diverse backgrounds. The interview is of core importance as it is here that selection committees have the opportunity to... Date Updated: 07/12/2020 11.32 AM
  4. After the Careers Fair you should: Prepare your applications. Make sure you know the deadlines and how the applications are to be submitted. Give yourself plenty of time to refine your application... Date Updated: 31/07/2020 03.35 PM
  5. You may withdraw your complaint or appeal at any time; however the University may continue to consider any of the matters raised. Date Updated: 18/05/2020 12.39 PM
  6. You can  seek advice and support to discuss the behaviours that are making you feel concerned. You may also wish to consider, where appropriate, discussing the issue with the person concerned or... Date Updated: 18/05/2020 12.30 PM
  7. A No Stopping Area means that part of a traffic area or a length of carriage way which is marked by a ‘no stopping’ traffic sign or a yellow continuous line painted along the edge of an area or... Date Updated: 11/11/2020 12.26 PM
  8. About the scholarship Application Status:   Closed Applicable study:   To encourage and assist high-achieving students employed in the not-for-profit sector to pursue a Graduate Certificate... Date Updated: 07/12/2020 11.32 AM
  9. To make a good impression with the employers you should: Smile, make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. Dress in smart casual attire. Ask relevant and organisational specific questions Avoid... Date Updated: 31/07/2020 03.25 PM
  10. If you completed your course more than 12 months ago and can no longer access studentConnect please  Email Us  and the Graduations Team will send you instructions. Your student account... Date Updated: 05/02/2020 09.26 AM