Cost of parking fines

How much are the parking fines?

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In accordance with The University Lands By-Laws, the following parking infringements may be issued.  


Driving other than on a Traffic Area



Exceeding speed limits



Failing to give way when entering or leaving Parking Area



Disobeying signal order or direction of an Authorised Person or a member of the Police Force



Disobeying Traffic Signs



Breaching an Act or Regulation



Parking a bicycle other than in a bicycle Parking Area



Parking without a valid Parking Permit or Parking Ticket



Parking other than wholly within the marked boundaries of a parking bay other than in a No Parking Area or No Stopping Area



Parking in a No Parking Area



Parking in a Reserved bay other than for Proper Purposes



Parking in a Disabled Bay



Parking contrary to any limitation on a Traffic Sign



Parking a motor cycle, motor scooter or similar vehicle other than in a Motorcycle Area



Stopping in a No Stopping Area



Note: If the infringement is paid within 7 days, the infringement may be reduced by $10.  The discount does not apply if the infringement is appealed.

The penalty for infringements is set at a community standard. The values of the penalty at The University of Western Australia are set by The University of Western Australia Senate. Parking regulations must be obeyed in order to maximise parking options for the many groups of people (commuters, students, school staff, visitors, etc.) who need parking space. Anyone who disregards the parking regulations tramples on the rights of others to park in their assigned area. The infringements are expensive, but it is an expense which is completely avoidable. All you need to do is be aware of and comply with the rules.

The University is authorised to impose modified penalties for parking infringements and uses the Fines Enforcement Registry system for fine enforcement.  Parking infringements, which are not paid within 7 days, enter the fine enforcement cycle and non payment will attract additional fees.

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