Appealing your parking infringement

How do I appeal my parking infringement?

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If you want to appeal your parking infringement, you need to lodge a written appeal with Unipark within 21 days of incurring the infringement. Appeals should be addressed to:

M411 – Unipark
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Hwy
CRAWLEY   WA   6009

or send via email. Please include a postal address as all correspondence will be via mail.

If you have received multiple infringements, especially for the same offence, your infringement will not be waived. Appeals are almost never granted for any of the following reasons:

"Everybody parks there and I'm the only one who got a ticket."
"I was only there for five (or ten etc.) minutes."
"I've parked there for the last five weeks (months, years etc.) and I've never been infringed before."
"I didn't know."
"I thought it was a space."
"I did not see the sign."
"I did not read the sign."
"I did not read the information printed on the permit."
"I did not have any change."
"I can't afford the fine."

Your appeal will be reviewed by the Parking Infringement Advisory Panel, which meets on a regular basis. The University Parking Infringement Advisory Panel consists of representatives from the University community.

A second appeal will only be accepted if new relevant information is provided. 

An Appeal will not be accepted if the infringement has been paid. 

Verbal appeals will not be accepted.

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