UWA campus parking rules

What rules must I observe when parking on campus?

Answer ID 293 | Last updated on 15/11/2022 08.11 AM

The following rules apply when parking at UWA:

  • Display your parking permit according to the instructions given with the parking permit.  Your permit is not valid unless it is correctly displayed.
  • Display your ticket from the ticket vending machine on your dash so it can be clearly seen from the outside of the vehicle.  For a ticket to be valid ensure it is face up and it has not moved out of view.
  • Park within the marked boundaries of a parking bay.
  • Park only in the area designated by your parking permit.  If you have to go to a pay parking areas you must purchase a ticket and display it correctly.
  • Do not park on the verge, grass areas, roads or pathways at any time.
  • If you are not driving your normal vehicle you must obtain a temporary parking permit.
  • If you have large heavy equipment to pick up or drop off that requires you to have closer access to a building contact Unipark on 6488 3020.

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