My eQuals for third parties

I received a My eQuals document, is it official?

Third parties can trust in our graduates’ My eQuals credentials with qualifications that are digitally certified and verified by UWA, protecting you against fraud. 

My eQuals ensures the authenticity of certified documents when accessed online through the My eQuals portal. Documents can only be uploaded or modified by the issuing university. 

When UWA issues digital documents to a student or graduate via My eQuals, the student/graduate is the only person who can decide who to share the document with. If you would like to receive a digital document, you will need to contact the student/graduate directly. 

There are two ways in which you can receive a digital document that has been shared with you:

  1. A student/graduate can provide you with a link directing you to their official documents. That may be an email from My eQuals or an email direct to you from the student containing the link.
    Check that the link starts with to be sure it’s authentic.
  2. Students/graduates can also download a cryptographically signed PDF copy of the document and upload it during your application process, or attach it to an email to you.
    The PDF will contain a blue ribbon above the document, which says ‘Certified by Student Services <>, The University of Western Australia, certificate issued by GlobalSign CA 3 for AATL. Signed and all signatures are valid’.
    In Adobe Acrobat Reader, documents that have been tampered with or modified will contain a red ‘X’ and error message in the blue ribbon.

My eQuals is not an enquiry system that allows you to search a database of records. If you would like to search for a graduand and their award, you can use UWA’s online verification database.

You can find out more about the security of digital document on the Receiving Documents via My eQuals.

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