Changing your name on your certificate

How do I change my name on my certificate?

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I haven't graduated yet
If your award has not been conferred (graduated) then update your name on your student record before applications to graduate close: 
  • If your name is spelt incorrectly, or part of your name needs to be added, deleted or changed: come to Student Central in Student Administration with either your Current Passport showing your full name, Birth Certificate, or Change of Name certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The team will update your name on the spot for you. If you can't come to Student Administration to provide the original documentation, you can send a full colour scan to us via Email Us.
  • If you are relying on a marriage certificate as proof of legal name change, then you will need to supply an additional form of legal photo identification in your new name, such as an Australian driver's licence.
  • If your name is missing accents: send the Graduations Team an email via Email Us confirming how your name should appear with accents. Your name will only appear on your certificate with accents.
  • If your name has incorrect capitalisation, spacing, or hyphens: send the Graduations Team an email via Email Us confirming how your name should appear
It's important to take action as soon as possible, once your award has been conferred, your name can only be changed in limited circumstances. If you have any questions about how your name is displayed or you are concerned you will not be able to submit your documents on time, contact the Graduations Team for advice via Email Us.
I have already graduated 
If you have changed your name after graduating from UWA, we can update your name so you can order a Statement of Academic Record and/or Statement of Qualifications in your new name. Your award certificate that has been conferred (graduated) cannot be reissued in a different name. If you have changed your name and undergone a gender reassignment, we can reissue your documents free of charge. For further advice contact the Graduations Team via Email Us on the Community site.

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