Additional copies of your degree certificate

Can I get a copy of my degree certificate?

Answer ID 235 | Last updated on 08/11/2022 12.17 PM

The University provides you with one original degree certificate upon graduation. Duplicate originals are not permitted but you can obtain certified copies or order a True Copy.

True Copy
You can obtain ONE true copy of your degree certificate. This certificate is in the current style and format of your graduation certificate. Instead of the University's graduation seal it has a true copy stamp that is acceptable on occasions when you do not wish to release your original certificate. To order a True Copy refer to the procedures in the attached form. 

Certified Photocopy
To obtain a certified photocopy you will need to have your original degree certificate. You can obtain a certified copy by asking a suitably qualified person to sign, and therefore certify it. Examples are a Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner of Declarations, or a notary public. You can also get a certified copy by bringing your certificate into Student Administration.

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